The Mancow Radio Experience has evolved to become the most charismatic and theatrical talk radio program in the nation. The energy is palpable daily, and topics covered range from the sublime to the absurd. To simply say the program has more heart than any other seems to trivialize the maturity exhibited in discussions examining "the stuff of life", buffered by the silly and comedic. The Mancow Radio Experience is, like its host, smart enough not to take him or itself too seriously, with the tongue planted wryly in cheek.

Not surprisingly, the show is not considered politically correct. Few dare to tread the ground that Muller explores daily; from religion to terrorism, from the solar system to school choice, Mancow holds nothing back, and it is that brutal honesty and purity of spirit that has endeared "The Mancow" to millions of fans in America and, indeed, around the globe. A political libertarian, Mancow is not afraid to dish out a healthy dose of criticism to both parties. This has placed him in the enviable position of being demonized by both the left and right, while simultaneously appealing to the sensible from both ends of the spectrum. And if all of that isn't enough, it's just funnier-and more fun-than the rest.